Frequently asked questions
Why Promoter?

FonGenie's Promoter integrates your social networking accounts, website & physical business location so they are all working together to drive your sales. If used with the FonGenie services customers know your enticing daily specials and have access to more information (store hours, location, and more) all before speaking with you. You get insightful analytics about who they are, where they are from and what they want. You will know your customers in real-time and manage their contact with simple CRM (Customer Resource Management).

Promoter pulls together all the resources you are already using to enhance your business and entice customers with timely, unique 'flash' specials. Promoter makes it easy to distribute specials and promotions across your multiple social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and more), lets you know how visitors interact with your offers, and drives customers to your online & physical business location by giving them incentive and access to your marketed information.

Using social networks and other similar services to promote daily 'flash' specials has already proven to increase customer sales; the problem has always been that these networks don't provide the kind of information that you need in order to make informed decisions about how affective your specials were to the visitors seeing them. Promoter gives you that information with a single location from which to post across the services.

As customers interact with your promotion you will know, and as customers call about your timely promotions you know exactly what brought them to you.

Customers in your area are either following or searching for what you are offering. The location awareness of social network sites (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.) narrows your business to the customers you want to target. As you promote unique daily specials through Promoter you give location relative search results with time sensitive urgency that are proven to increase your sales...without having to sharing your profit!

Promoter will have other services in the future that you may want to consider for improving your business sales, marketing and tracking. These Pro services will have additional enhancements that you would better understand after experiencing Promoter's immediate value to your business.

FonGenie Promoter promotes your local business on the Internet so you get found when and where people are looking. That means more visitors to your website, more phone calls, and more people walking through your door.

Your Internet marketing campaigns are customized to fit your advertising goals. A florist can have a campaign designed to generate foot traffic. A graphic designer can drive traffic to an online portfolio. A lawyer can generate calls to an 800 number. A contractor can even get leads delivered via cell phone while on a job!

Promoter gives you:

  • A single place to post your business 'flash' specials that distribute across your multiple social networks accounts
  • Tracks customer interaction to give you immediate feedback about your campaign effectiveness
  • Lets you post enticing call-to-action specials without consuming the limited characters (the 140 limit) you would otherwise use for contact and action information
  • Lets you know who is interested in your offers (clicking it) and who actually follows through to purchase (calls)

You do not have to have a website to use Promoter. If you do not include website information for your business a generic page, based on your business type, will be shown to which your customers will be taken to see your promotion. If you have a website it will help brand the promotion to your business and improve your marketing visibility.

Using Promoter

The unique link and phone number assigned to your specific promotion tracks how your customers interact with the offer. This information is included in the Promoter report pages during your Promoter session. If you are using FonGenie to manage your customer calls and 'flash' promos, you can easily tag the referred calls with the built-in FonGenie Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Promoter does not have access to third party sites until authorized. At anytime, if you would like to disable Promoter's access to a third-party sites simply "uncheck" the box next to a particular site or service.

When someone wants to act on your promotion they will call the number unique to the specific promo. That number forwards to your business telephone number so you can speak directly with the customer, and in the process it tracks how and why they called you.

Your promotion lengths are limited by the social networking accounts. Twitter limits your posts to 140 characters; other services slightly more. If you exceed the 140 characters with Promoter and send it to your Twitter account part of the promotion will be truncated in the post, but customers will still see the entire offer when they click the promotion.

The expiration gives your customers a sense of urgency to act on your posted promotion. This also keeps your promotions "fresh" so customers keep checking back to see your new offers.

Currently you are able to run 2 concurrent promotions at the same time. This may change in the near future. Each of the promotions will have a unique phone number and URL for customers to contact you with.

By giving this information in the content of your promotion you will change the ongoing effectiveness of your promotions and your ability to correctly track and monitor your campaign through Promoter's reports. This also consumes the limited characters you are allowed to use in your social network posts.

Promoter does not keep your social network account passwords. Information is stored in cookies located in your computer's browser. If you delete your browser cookies or use a different computer you will have to give your business information just like you did at your first Promoter session to recover previous sessions.

You will need to log into your social network accounts just like you did in your first FonGenie Promoter session. This will reconnect you with your promotion and session history.

Your Promoter success is tracked by the unique link and phone number generated specifically for each promotion. This information is then reported back to you with Promoter graphs that let you know how successful your promotions were?something you don't know if directly linking to your website and calls. It's not just about getting a call, but knowing what drove the customer to you so you can keep doing it.

You are able to go to a previous promotion and re-activate it by choosing the "Re-activate" button. You will then be given the ability to edit the content, promotion timeframe, and the social networks you want to post it on.

Your browser cookies store your Promoter information on your local computer rather than requiring you to log into our servers and having to sign up for an account.

If you have a website and enter it in your business information the customers that click your promo will be taken to your website, however they will also see a distinct header at the top that gives your timely promotion. This is a call-to-action for the specific deal you offer. If you change your promotion the header will also be changed. This enhances your website marketing & brands your products and services.

Promoter does not take a percentage of your promotion sales. What you sell is all yours to keep.

We do not have a smart-phone app at this time. One is being considered for development in the near future.

We are working on a drop-in widget for your website so you can post and manage your Promoter specials without having to update your website. This will give your website visitors something new and enticing every time they visit.