FonGenie Promoter - Help
Using FonGenie Promoter
Promoter makes posting short, timely promotions easy across multiple social network accounts from one convenient location easy. As your customers see the promotions on your social network accounts and interact with them FonGenie Promoter builds rich insight on who they are and how successful your promotions were for your business.
Getting started: "Begin by sharing"

When you check the service you will then be asked for verification of your account through that service and then be returned to the FonGenie Promoter page. Unclick the box to remove that account from the enabled accounts.

These social network choices are visible for your first FonGenie Promoter session. When you return you will see a narrow strip that can be expanded to add or remove your choices.

The promotion expiration date gives your customers an action timeline that encourages them to act right away. It also keeps your promotions fresh so customers check back to see your new offers.

What you type in the promotion field is what your customers will see on your social network accounts. We recommend that your promotion directly states what you are offering (example: "Get 10 Yoga classes for $40 with this limited promotion, originally priced at $150," "Save 50% today on flight or private pilot ground school, with this special pay only $125"). You should also consider using words that your customers may use when searching for the services you are offering. Do not include your phone number or website because Promoter manages this information for you.

Note: Do not give your business phone number or link your website inside the content of your promotion. This will change the ongoing effectiveness of your promotions and your ability to correctly track the information in the reports.

If you are new to the service you will be asked for your business information. It is important to use your correct information (business name, telephone number, website address, location and type of business) as it is very difficult to correct the information after being associated to online search and social sites. Some of this information will be found online and you will be asked to correct any errors.

After clicking the "Share" button you will be given a chance to see how your promotion will look on your selected media sites. Make any necessary corrections and select the "Confirm" button to launch your promotion or announcement to the sites.

Your last 3 promotions or offers will be immediately visible in the bottom section of this page. It will also let you know when the offer expires, when you posted the promo and how many people interacted with the offer. This is monitored with the short URL and phone number that was uniquely given to the specific promo or offer.

What your customers see

Your promotion, offer or announcement will appear on the social locations you chose when you made the post. There the promotion will always include a shortened link that when clicked will take customers to a website (yours if given in the business information section) with a header that shows the promotion you made. Your customers will also see an expiration clock to prompt them to act and a telephone number that is unique to that specific promotion.

The promotion landing page uses your current website (or default one if you don't have a site) with a banner on top with your promotion and the phone number customers will need to take advantage of it. They will also see exactly when the offer will expire based on your choice when you made the promotion.

When customers call the telephone number they will be connected directly to the business telephone number you gave in your account information so they can take advantage of your special promotion. The telephone number and link associated with your promotion is unique to each promotion so it generates the accurate customer interaction information associated with each offer.

Track your promotions & reports

FonGenie's Promoter saves you time by providing one location for posting successful social network offers and promotional posts. Your current social network sites don't give you the information you need about how customers are interacting with your posts and which specific offers are successful like Promoter does. Now you will see how affective each of your promotions was based on specific customer action.

The Share page is where you will compose and launch your promotions. You will also see your last three posts and basic status about the expiration date and customer interaction.

The Dashboard page gives you a graphical view of who your posted promotion customers are and how they came to you. It will also let you see which media were most successful and where the customer is located, as well as other information that lets you know what they did with your promotion.

  • View - visited your social network location while your post was available
  • Click - interacted with the link (URL) attached to the promotion
  • Social - actions on the promotion by visitors as posted social network sites (sharing, re-Tweeting, etc.)
  • Call - dialed the unique telephone number for your promotion and was connected to your business while the promotion was available

You will also gain advanced information like which customers were new as opposed to returning; which day of the week was the most successful for your promotions; and which medium proved to be the best for your campaigns. Information can be displayed for a specific date or date range.

The Offers page lets you see your current promotions as well as all your past promotions, along with customer interaction statistics. You will also be able to compare your most successful posts with your least successful. Information can be displayed for a specific date or date range.

The Engagements page lets you see how visitors and customers interacted with your offer and your business. Did they find your promotion interesting enough to go one step further and share? You also have access to the customer call recordings to your business.